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How to Prepare your Home for Sale

How to Prepare your Home for Sale


So you’re getting your home ready for sale, but you are unsure what to do next?

Think of this blog as a checklist. You likely have done some of these tips. But may have missed others in the whirlwind of excitement and nerves that is selling your home.

This is going to read like a walk-through, stating at the front and working their way through your home. Step by step ways to make it look ready. As well as cheap little improvements that’ll give the home a perceived value.


Make sure to read all the parts, as you don’t want to miss anything!

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Front yard/Backyard

I know the backyard isn’t at the start of the house, but let’s go with both yards to start.

Standing in the driveway, or footpath (If you have one), what’s the potential buyer’s first impression of your home?


Looking at the lawn, is it clean or intact? If not, get rid of it. Get some instant turf. It’s cheap and easy to lay. Then, edge the lawn with bricks or sleepers, to keep the garden and lawn lines looking neat.

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Next, buy new gravel and mulch. Get rid of that old muddy gravel in the path and driveways. Put some mulch down on the gardens, make them look easy to maintain. While an impressive garden looks incredible, it may turn off buyers. Many people may not have the time to look after a high maintenance garden. So anything you can do to make it easy is good.

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If they look to the side and see a damaged, dirty mailbox, update it. Today there are so many great and cheap mailboxes that’ll instantly improve the look of your front yard. Give your front yard some style.

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Now moving onto the backyard, let’s make this something they can see themselves enjoying. Add some seating areas, make this a place they want to sit and stay a while. Imagine sitting in the leafy, backyard of a beautiful Eltham home and not being able to make the most of the scenery!  Then, make the seating practical, by keeping them out of the sun with a sail shade.

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Now you might have manicured your garden, but there might still be an eyesore. Camouflage or hide any electrical boxes or outside units. Paint them the colour of the house, or put plants around them, hiding them.

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Lastly, high pressure clean everything! The driveway, footpaths, stairs or whatever you need. Not only does it make everything look better, but it’s kind of satisfying.

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Front Door/Porch

Right before they walk into your home, blow them away!

Start by painting or finishing the door!. Make it look clean and new, it’ll make them think that’s how the rest of the house it. If you can’t/don’t want to paint it, at least give it a good clean.

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Then, update the numbers. Get rid of this old number details and put on nice, big numbers by your door. Plus, it’ll make sure your potential buyers don’t go to the wrong house!

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Then chuck some potted or hanging plants around, add some depth to that front porch! Montmorency is so green, don’t turn in into a boring concrete jungle.

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Update or add some porch lights, get rid of dirty or old outdoor lighting. It doesn’t have to be a 9 pm inspection for this to be necessary. Add some style to your porch lights!

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While you’re adding style to your front door, add an expensive looking door knocker. Not only do big metal door knockers look cool, but they are synonymous with bigger and more expensive homes.

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Lastly get rid of that old boring welcome mat, get something inviting, fun and friendly. Make your potential buyer want to come in.

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A few staging tips, make sure to:

  • Clean or shampoo the carpet.
  • Grease or oil the door, make sure it opens easily and quietly.
  • Pack away all of the shoes by the door.

Lastly, ask your Buckingham and Company Real Estate Agent. Buckingham and Company have worked in the Diamond Valley for over 15 years. Buckingham and Company Agents know what people in the area are looking for in a home. So always consult them before any open house.

If you’d like a free market appraisal, contact one of our many highly skilled and knowledgeable agents, or visit our homepage!

Or if your in the Greensborough, Eltham or Montmorency, pop in to our agencies and meet the team!


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