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Thinking of Selling?

Whether upsizing, downsizing or just moving on, Buckingham and Company can take the stress out of the process of selling your home. Thousands of people have benefited from our team’s extensive experience, real estate know-how and commitment to customer service. But don’t just take our word for it. More than 70 per cent of our clients come though referrals and repeat business and we are happy to share their testimonials with you.

With three local offices covering Diamond Valley Regions, Buckingham and Company is well established in the local area. Drop in and speak with one of our experienced sales staff who can give you a feel for the current market and a breakdown of median house price movements year-on-year across the suburbs in which we specialise.

Auction versus Private Sale / Complicated Set Sale Dates

One of the first decisions a vendor will make when moving forward with the sale of their property is the choice between sale at auction or private sale. This is where Buckingham and Company can guide you. An assessment of your home and your needs will establish the right medium for you.

Remembering each property is different on its own merits and it’s criteria a Buckingham & Company Sales Consultant will advise you on the best method to achieve the greatest result and the selling method to match your style of property.


Melbourne has traditionally been an “auction city” with most properties being realised through
this popular method. Clients like the defined marketing period (four/five weeks, three/four weekends) with a large proportion selling on auction day.

This is ideal when clients have a time limit and strong market climate.

It also encourages buyers to make a decision, and builds momentum towards a particular date.

Another advantage is the transparency of the auction process, the highest bid on the day,
or shortly thereafter is an indication of the value of the property and what the market dictates
is deemed a representative price. Conducting 15-20 auctions every month gives the Buckingham & Company team an in-depth knowledge of our markets.

Private Sale

Fewer homes are listed for private sale, however this does not mean that it is a less-relevant method for some Vendors and their properties. Listing your house privately means you can “test the water” and for some types of properties, it is a successful way of introducing buyers and gaining their interest.

The difference with a private sale is there is no timeframe and the campaign runs for as long as it takes to find a buyer at an acceptable figure. Excellent results can be achieved this way, often with little or no advertising.

Marketing Promotion

Once you have decided your method of sale, Buckingham & Company will discuss the appropriate marketing campaign for your property. This includes promotional material such as brochures and boards as well as the advertising required to showcase your home to the market and maximise exposure. Again, we will be able to show you examples of successful campaigns conducted on similar properties and recommend a package that suits your requirements and budget.

Buckingham & Company does not make any profit on advertising. It is a transparent process with all costs incurred covering production of material and advertising bookings.

Preparing Your Home

The success of TV programs such as Auction Squad send a clear message that you can never overestimate the financial reward a little “spruce up” can bring to the sale of a property.

Presentation of your home is paramount – but this does not mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on refurbishment or landscaping. Just look at your home through the eyes of the buyer.

A well presented home says “welcome” and should reflect the lifestyle you are trying to offer buyers.

Your home does not need to be a show-piece, just warm and inviting with all the best points highlighted. Good presentation also applies to the outdoor areas, especially the front yard where first impressions will be formed.

Tips on Presentation – Indoors

    1. De-clutter – Unnecessary clutter will make your home seem smaller so clear out all the extra furniture and knick-knacks to create a comfortable space. Hire some storage if required it will be money well spent.
    2. Keep surfaces clean and tidy and put away toys and evidence of pets such as litter trays and dog bowls.
    3. Choose a painting or large floral setting to be the focus of the living areas.
    4. Competing colours will be off-putting, so stick to neutral tones, with a splash of one colour as a feature (e.g. cushions, rugs etc). New bed linen and throw cushions not only set off a tidy bedroom, but also serve as treat for you!
    5. Repairs – Attend to the small things you have been putting off such as dripping taps, peeling paint and missing knobs. Clean your carpets and wash the windows.
    6. Wet areas – Many buyers are put off by bathrooms and kitchens that are not sparkling and/or have unpleasant odours. Invest in some matching towels, create a mood by lighting candles and make sure baths, sinks and vanities are spotless.
    7. The final touches – One or two bunches of fresh flowers in the living spaces are not only attractive, but fragrant too. Soothing music played whilst your property is open for inspection helps set a relaxing mood. Draw all the blinds to let in as much light as possible and turn on lights in each room.
    8. In winter, a roaring fire is a winner and will tempt buyers to linger longer. And don’t forget to tidy cupboards. Plenty of buyers will look inside to check available storage so objects crammed that may fall out when the door is opened are not ideal.

Tips on presentation – Outdoors

    1. Tidy – mow lawns, trim hedges, touch up paint and sweep paved outdoor areas to show case gardens and outdoor entertaining areas. Tidy sheds and garages where practical and do not leave tools lying around. Garden beds should be neatened and fresh mulch spread around to keep weeds at bay.
    2. Entertaining areas – Set up furniture and set tables to help buyers picture themselves enjoying the lifestyle your home offers.
    3. Final touches – When you have done as much as you think you can to create the right impression, study your home from the street as a buyer would. If you find yourself thinking “Why am I leaving here – this house is perfect”, then you know you have done a good job!
    4. If you know your home could be presented well with a bit of work, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself, don’t panic. Buckingham & Company has a list of reputable handymen, gardeners and interior consultants who can do the hard work for you.


If you are thinking of selling, a representative from Buckingham and Company would be delighted to talk you through all the pros and cons of the sales methods, how to prepare your home for sale and any other queries you may have. This comes with no obligation, just the best knowledge and experience.

We welcome the invitation to sit down and discuss the future sale of your property.