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Registered Auction System

Dear Potential Purchaser,
Thank you for taking the time to Register for you upcoming Auction.

Please carefully complete the ‘Pre Auction Registration Form’ with the correct information and email to the Sales Agent involved in the sale, or deliver it to the Managing Sales Office.

Why Register for an Auction?

  • You can obtain Vendor(s) approved terms so you can bid confidently. For example settlement dates, deposit details.
  • Obtaining approval from the Vendor(s) to bid at Auction
  • Assist in your preparation for bidding. For example discuss with your bank how the 10% deposit will be paid (cash/eft/bank cheque or personal cheque) on the day.
  • An Auction Sale is an unconditional sale!
    – Not subject to conditions such as Finance, Building & Pest Inspection
    – Any conditions such as Finance & Building & Pest Inspections must be completed PRIOR to bidding & signing a ‘Contract of Sale’ on the day
  • All Auction Registration Forms must be signed and given to Buckingham & Company by close of business on the Friday prior to the scheduled Auction in order for the Sales Agent to obtain prior approval from the vendor(s)
  • Registration Forms on the Day of the Auction are available also however note that the sale will NOT be conditional to any terms (ie/ Finance, Building & Pest)
  • No Registration – No Participation! If you haven’t registered prior to the Auction starting, you cannot participate in the bidding as per the Registered Auction Rules that have been on display at the Opens.

If you have any questions, concerns or seek clarification, please do not hesitate in contacting the Sales Agent who is assisting you with the Property.
On behalf of the Team here at Buckingham & Company, we wish you all the best on Auction Day!