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Charmaine Rouillon

Property Investment Executive

Ph: 9434 6666
M: 0418 770 893


Ask Charmaine Rouillon and she will tell you – the real estate market just never stays the same! After watching her parents go through the process of a property sale she had endless questions and a new fascination with real estate, and now it is her profession.

“I have an ability to visualise outside the box. I bring new and improved ideas to the table for my clients, then commit to making them work.”

Charmaine has a vibrant personality, winning smile and a belief that no problem is too big or too small. It makes her heart melt to know she has helped a family find their home, and it is her clients’ appreciation and gratitude that motivates her most.

Charmaine loves the great outdoors – taking road trips, motorbike rides and being out in the natural world. She takes time to do charity work for the homeless and is known for making the best of every situation. Ambitious and committed to her work – Charmaine’s positive attitude is an inspiration.